How long before my listing is live?

Once you upload all necessary information including photos we commit to less than 24 hour turn-around time to have your listing live and ready to market. If you have any difficulty uploading your property listing, write to us at [email protected]

Are my personal details secure if I decide to sell my property through Mungenow Properties?

Your personal details are private and confidential. We do not release your details at any stage to anyone without your consent.

How do I make changes to my listing?

You can make changes to your listing at any time via your Property Manager, provided that any information added is accurate and representative of your property.

What happens when there’s an offer on my property?

We will let you know of all offers immediately. If the price isn’t right then our Post-Sales team will do everything to negotiate a price you’re happy with.

What is the difference between buying a house through Mungenow Properties and buying through a traditional Estate agent?

The primary difference is that viewings are hosted by the Seller and we offer our service at a fraction of the cost. We believe that no-one knows their house better than the owner themselves, however, Mungenow Properties can facilitate viewings too. We also like to get to know our buyers preferences that we can best match them to the properties they will connect with. Think of us as property matchmakers.

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